Cardboard Activity Lab

Cardboard Activity Lab

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Discover plenty of creative crafts you can do using cardboard! This book is bursting with ideas for more than 20 fun projects.

This entertaining, inspiring book is brimming with exciting projects to help young artists, architects, and builders create fantastic games and toys. Using household items, construct an entire city complete with skyscrapers and transport systems, or a sci-fi robot costume for you and your friends.

Great photography, succinct step-by-step instructions, and rigorous attention to detail will make young creators excited from the get-go. With a foreword by Jemma Westing, the book gives a clear How it Works explanation for each project, revealing the fascinating idea behind it. From paint and glue to cardboard boxes and tubes, every project is made with affordable and easy-to-find materials.

With 25 amazing projects to inspire young creators, Cardboard Activity Lab gets readers to discover the possibilities of transforming everyday materials into incredible objects.

Preço: R$ 14,99


Editora: DK - Children (UK)

Capa dura, 144 páginas.

- Não Ficção Infantil / Livros de Atividades / Geral
- Não Ficção Infantil / Artesanato e Estilo de Vida
- Não Ficção Infantil / Jogos e Atividades / Geral

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