Get To Know: Money

Get To Know: Money

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A fun, visual guide for kids about the tricky topic of money: how it works and how to look after it

Knowing the ins and outs of money is important for kids, whether they're trying to work out what to do with pocket money, or if they dream of making millions on the stock market. Children can begin to understand how money works with this jam-packed guide, filled with personal finance tips such as how to save money, how to keep it safe, and how to grow it!

Get to know: Money will teach children aged 7+ about bigger topics, too - like what the bank does with your savings, how taxes are spent, and how billions are made and moved around the globe. Learning about money doesn't have to be tricky either - this guide features fun activities and quizzes, bright pages and breaks the information into bite-size chunks so that it's easy to digest.

Inside the pages of this money book for kids, you'll find:

- A wide-ranging and accessible introduction to money, with bright, informative illustrations alongside engaging text, making key information easy to digest
- A topic-by-topic structure, giving an in-depth introduction to the world of money
- Current and up-to-date themes, including online safety, microtransactions and money wellbeing
- Lively and colourful diagrams that present information in an engaging way

This money guide features useful diagrams, colourful illustrations, interactive activities, and plenty of facts, making it perfect for budding money experts, and every child who wants - or needs - to know how it "makes the world go round".

Preço: R$ 12,99


Editora: DK - Children (UK)

Capa dura, 96 páginas.

- Não Ficção Infantil / Conceitos / Dinheiro
- Não Ficção Infantil / Temas Sociais / Autoestima e Autoconfiança
- Não Ficção Infantil / Referência / Geral

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