Animals Lost and Found

Animals Lost and Found

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A beautiful book of extinct and endangered creatures with information on when, why, how and what we can do about it.

This beautifully illustrated book will shine a spotlight on animals throughout history and in the present - animals lost to extinction, animals we thought we'd lost but have found and animals that are the focus of conservation efforts all over the world.

Animals Lost and Found is full of information about extinction events and the different possible causes of extinction (natural as well as unnatural), and discusses how it may relate to the world today in an easily understood way. Also includes information on all the incredible work that is happening around the world to prevent any further loss of species (both flora and fauna), species that have been saved from extinction, incredible stories of uncovering species long thought to have been gone, positive stories of reintroduction and discusses what we as humans are doing and can continue to do.

Preço: R$ 16,99


Editora: DK - Children (UK)

Capa dura, 128 páginas.

Categoria: Não Ficção Infantil / Animais / Geral

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